The List

Here it is.. The list of things I would like to do before I kick the proverbial bucket. I will be updating this page every time I have completed an item or have taken a significant step towards completing one. This way, you can track my progress as I try and complete as many items as possible. I’m sure it is going to be a great journey and will result in some wonderful experiences!

No. Bucket list item Done?
1 Drive an Aston Martin DB9 Not yet, but..
2b Restore a classic car
3 Become fluent in Italian Certified PLIDA A2 level
4 Become familiar with all of Antonin Dvořák’s symphonies Done!
5b Visit all provinces and territories of Canada (0 / 13)
6 Cycle from my own house to my parents’ house
7 Participate in a television game show
8 Watch ‘The Bucket List’ Done!
9 Start a business Done!
10 Attend a Premier League football match
11 See an opera in Italy A first opera experience
12b Run the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon
13 Start a cognac collection So far…
14 Eat something I’ve grown myself Done!
15 Read all books and see all films written by Richard Russo (16 / 18)
16 See Andrea Bocelli perform live Done!
17 Get a chess rating of over 1500 and maintain it for a year Progress
18 Go on a multi-day hiking trip
19 Do a Lord Of The Rings film marathon Done!
20 Have and raise children #1 #2
21 See the Northern Lights
22 Own an original painting
23 Own a campervan
24 Dive from a cliff
25 Donate blood Done!
26 Visit Jordan
27 Visit Japan
28 Take up speed skating again
29 Sleep under the stars Done!
30 Buy something at an auction
31 Own and reread all Asterix comics Done!
32 Attend the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este
33 Run a half marathon in every province of The Netherlands (5 / 12)
34 See a clownfish on a scuba dive Done!
35 Do a month of volunteering abroad
36 Ride a canopy zip line
37 Drive a car from before WWII
38 See a Garbage concert Done!
39 Swim in a cave
40 Go hiking in the UK Lake District
41 Spend a night in an ice hotel or an igloo
42 Collect and watch all Muppets films on DVD Done!
43 Visit all 6 inhabited continents (2 / 6)
44 Cycle across a country
45b Cycle from Land’s End to John O’Groats
46 (Re-)read all of Elizabeth George’s Lynley novels Done!
47 Expand my knowledge of classic Italian cars
48 Complete a triathlon
49 Go to a classical music concert Done!
50b Visit a Buddhist monastery
51 Learn how to change the oil of a car
52 Complete a trail run over 30k long Progress
53 Craft my life purpose Done!
54 Go trail running in Canada
55 Learn a trade
56 Build a classic car model using Lego Done!
57 Be recognized as an expert in my field Done!
58 Eat a hamburger in a 50’s style diner in the US
59 Pay off my student loans Done!
60 Stand on top of a 3000m high mountain
61 Learn to play bridge
62 Visit Iceland
63 Make my own wine
64 Compile my ultimate mix CD Done!
65 Visit Patagonia
66 Camp in the wilderness
67 Complete a long distance walk
68b Walk across a country
69 Visit an Ivy League campus
70 Attend a major sports event Done!
71 Run a marathon
72 Flip an item and make a profit Done!
73 Pay off our mortgage € 26.350 down,
€ 391.650 to go
74 Go bungee jumping
75 Go see a film by myself Done!
76 Go to an NBA basketball game
77 See a Vincent van Gogh painting Done!
78 Visit all regions of Italy (1 / 20)
79 Do a wine tasting course
80 Go paragliding
81b Become a PPL certified pilot
82 Go on a kayaking trip
83 Get a classic shave at a barber shop
84 Drive a car around a race track
85 Spend a night in a treehouse
86 Write and publish a book or an ebook Done!
87 Ride a century
88 Visit a whisky distillery in Scotland
89 See killer whales in the wild
90 Taste a whisky that’s older than me
91 Complete a Coursera course
92 Try out pilates or yoga Done!
93 Fly an aeroplane
94 Go on a helicopter ride
95 Drink moonshine
96 Go ice swimming
97 Go on a silent retreat
98 See a grizzly bear in the wild
99 Climb the Alpe d’Huez by bike
100 Visit all countries in Europe (7 / 50)

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