Country #3: Lithuania

Well, riiiighttt.. When I added the item of visiting all fifty European countries to my list, I didn’t dare to think that the third country I’d visit would be Lithuania. Belgium, maybe, France, or Italy. But not Lithuania. Nonetheless, last week I went there for a work-related conference. And it was great.

Granted, I’ve only seen the capital, Vilnius, but I stayed there for two nights, had a walk through the city to get a feel of the place, spent a full day networking (and speaking) at the conference, so it was definitely a Lithuanian experience of some sorts!

Lithuania was great!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling all too well, so I didn’t feel like going out for a nice dinner in a restaurant (something I like to do when abroad) or spend time in a bar, a theater or even outside at all (there was work to be done after all), but still, traveling for work, doing a public speaking gig abroad and visiting a place I’d never been before has been a great experience. I’m definitely going to do more of this work-related travel in the future, so that’ll be a great opportunity to tick off some more countries on the list. But before that, there’s a week of holiday left next month, to yet another European country..


Country #2: Germany

At the beginning of this year I vowed to visit at least two European countries other than my country of residence. Last week, I reached the half way point of this target by visiting Germany for the first time in a couple of years. We’ve spent a nice two weeks close to the German border, and looking for a day trip on a day with not-so-great weather, we decided to cross the border and visit a zoo in the town of Nordhorn, in the Lower Saxony state.


So that’s one under the belt, only 48 more countries to go! Looking forward to the rest of the journey already… As for the end of year goal: I’ve managed to land a public speaking gig in another European country in November, so I’m definitely going to make it. I’ll post another update on that afterwards!

Bring on the speed work!

Today is a good day! For the first time in what seems like eons, I’ve been able to run more than 10k consecutively and comfortably. Last Thursday I somehow wasn’t even able to run 6k without stopping (twice!), but today I did over 11k without any problem. Strange…

This means that I can finally start doing some speed work to work towards running a 5:59 mile, since I promised myself I wouldn’t start speed work until I’d reached the 10k mark without too much trouble. This to prevent injuries from doing speed work without a decent aerobic base. I’m looking forward to it! I will definitely keep the long and easy runs in my schedule as well though, I’m still a long distance runner by heart so I wouldn’t want to miss the feeling today’s run gave me for the world.

Also, I just love the feeling of being able to get out for a run on a Tuesday morning. This time it was a coincidence, I quit my previous project last week and my next one doesn’t start until tomorrow, but this is yet another reminder for me to work towards a professional career where I don’t have to trade time for money (i.e., move away from billing by the hour). I love my freedom!

Progress on other list items has been slow since we’ve got our hands full raising our two sons. I expected that though, so it’s not that bad, plus, things are definitely getting better compared to the first two-three months of this year.

More progress next time!


New beginnings

I am glad to report that after almost three months of little sleep, hard work and lots of bottles of milk I am back on the running track! It were only two miles or so, and certainly no longer than 15-20 minutes, but you have to start somewhere… Hopefully this marks the start of my second running ‘career’.. First, I’ll try and tackle the 6 minute mile goal before the end of the year, then it’s on to distance running and completing the 12 half marathons list item. As the year progresses, the broken nights and sleep deprivation should gradually disappear, so things are certainly looking good, running-wise.

Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed being back on the road, breathing fresh air, letting my body do some actual physical work again after three months of not much more than eating, working and sleeping!

Back on the road!

Welcome to the world!

As I have said in my post looking forward to 2016, my wife and I have been expecting our second child, which was going to have a major impact on what I was planning for for this year. I am happy to announce that last Monday our son and little brother Tom was born in good health!

As expected, nights have been a little shorter, but so far we’ve been off to a far better start than with #1. I can already tell this will have some impact on my energy levels and overal fitness, but I expected nothing less. For now, we’re going to focus on staying happy and as well rested as possible, all other plans can wait for a couple of months..

Looking forward to 2016

After having looked back on the year that’s almost behind me in my previous post, it’s time to make plans for next year.. Here’s what I want to achieve from my list in 2016. There are less items on it compared to last year, but that’s to make sure that more will be achieved. To quote one of the few truly helpful personal development books I’ve read: less but better!

#20 – Have and raise children
As we’re expecting our second child mid January, most of my time and energy will probably be dedicated towards caring for and raising him, next to taking care of his older brother and my wife, of course! This is another reason there aren’t any other truly big things planned for next year, I just don’t think I will have the time and energy for it!

#81 – Run a 5.59 mile
The only sports-related item on my planning for next year. Even though I’ll be busy with family life and work, like every year I do want to have a fitness goal to work towards. Since running and especially shorter distance running will cost me relatively little time, I think this is a very suitable goal for 2016. If all goes well I can always strive for more after this one’s ticked off..

#91 – Complete a Coursera course
Since my field of work (IT) requires me to constantly keep myself up to date and learning, a personal education item is a good fit for next year. Also, the Coursera format allows me to invest time and effort whenever I want to, so again, this will fit perfectly given my situation the coming year.

#100 – Visit at least two other countries in Europe
Even though I don’t think we’ll be traveling much this year, I do want to tick off at least two European countries from the list. Even if it’s ‘only’ Belgium and Germany, for example. They’re close to where I live, so it shouldn’t be too hard. Now to find a good reason to visit either one (or any other European country, for that matter..).

#73 – Pay off another 20k of the mortgage (if we don’t move)
Last year was very successful with regards to lowering our mortgage, and we would like to keep chipping away at it this coming year. 20k seems a very feasible amount to pay off, if we don’t move house. That’s also a (not yet very concrete) plan for the near future.. If we do move house, we’ll probably end up with a higher mortgage as we would like to move into a bigger house, so in that case we’ll have to start over again from scratch.

We’ll see what the next year brings. Have a great NYE and I hope to post a lot of progress in 2016!


Looking back on 2015

As the year nears its end, it’s again time for the annual end-of-year review based on my plans as presented in this post. Let’s see how I did!

Cycle to my parents’ house (#6)
Yeah.. Let’s get the most disappointing part of 2015 out of the way.. Fitness-wise, it wasn’t nearly as good a year as I hoped it would be. I did a bit of running, a bit of cycling and I also started a new sport (more on that later), but no big goals either running- or cycling-related have been met. I hope 2016 will be much better, although it won’t be easy for reasons I’ll explain when I look forward to next year.

Visit Italy (#78)
Done! We made a trip to Tuscany in June, so the first of twenty provinces of Italy has been visited. Only 19 more to go!

Visit another continent (#43)
As I predicted, this would probably be the hardest item to complete, and indeed I didn’t manage to go outside Europe. No worries though, I’m sure this will happen in a couple of years. It’s not on the list for next year, though.

Be regarded as an expert in my field (#57)
Done! Albeit in a different way than expected. I have been asked to give a course on software testing at a university here in the Netherlands, and as we speak most of the lectures have been delivered. I also published an article on a renowned international website related to the software testing field, which also generated some interesting feedback and reactions.

Run another half marathon (#33)
See the first point. I don’t think I’ve done any run longer than 10k this year, so no way I would have been able to complete a half marathon (and be even remotely happy with the outcome).

Stay active throughout the year
This item I somewhat managed to complete. I did some running, some cycling and I started pilates lessons, but I can’t say I’m terribly happy with my current fitness level. Let’s see what next year will bring…

Put another 10k payment towards our mortgage (#73)
We aced this. Starting freelancing has done wonders for our financial situation, so instead of paying off 10k, we managed to lower our mortgage by no less than 30k. This will surely come in handy if we decide to move house next year, which is a realistic option.

Pass the PLIDA B1 exam in Italian (#3)
I decided to quit studying Italian for a while, since I don’t feel I got the most out of it by only following a single 1,5 hour class a week, and I didn’t know how to motivate myself to do more studying. I’ll probably pick it up again in the future as I still love the language.

Add another five items to the list
Done as well! Even better, I added 12. This brought the list to exactly 100 items and I decided that was enough for the moment. So from then on I’m focusing on completing items rather than adding new ones, as that’s what having a bucket list is all about!

Other completed items
Apart from the items mentioned above, I managed to complete a couple more this year:

Bucket list-wise, the year has been so-so.. I completed a couple of items, but not as many as I’d hoped, probably because work and family life have taken up most of my time and energy. I can’t wait to see if next year will be better, but more on that in my next post, where I’ll look forward to 2016!

2015 review