#81b – Become a PPL certified pilot

This item replaces the original #81 – Run a sub 20 minute 5k, which is no longer something I strive to do. Running is a way to relax for me, and I’ve noticed that’s much easier to do when distance running, without having to stick to strict schedules and intervals.

As a wannabe traveler, the world of pilots, airplanes and airports has always fascinated me. So much so that I’ve put the idea in my head of becoming a licensed pilot myself. I am not looking for a career change, it would just be a hobby, which means that obtaining my PPL (Private Pilot License) would be a great goal to set. With this license, I can technically hire and fly a single prop airplane pretty much everywhere in the world. I can practically see myself cruising over vineyards and hillsides in Tuscany already…

Now I just need to save up a bit…

A Piper Archer, one of the airplanes I would be allowed to fly with a PPL license


#2b – Restore a classic car

Note: this item replaces #2 (run a sub 1:30 marathon), which I feel is no longer in line with what I want to do and achieve in life

As you might have noticed from other items on my list, I am somewhat of a classic car fan, although I don’t feel I am nearly knowledgeable enough in this department to call myself an aficionado. I’d love to one day take a beaten down classic and restore it back to its original state. This will probably not happen in the coming years though, due to limited space around the house. We’re looking to move in the years to come though, and I hope to find a house with a space suitable for the task.

Classic car restoration

#93 – Fly an aeroplane

It’s every little boy’s dream to once become a pilot. Or so I am told, as I never actually had that dream myself. I always wanted to be a computer programmer… Something I didn’t become either, although I do have a great career in IT.

Still, I find planes very interesting and would love to one day fly one myself, even if ony briefly and under the surveillance of a licensed pilot. I know this can be done as I accompanied my father in law when he was given the chance to do so as a gift.

Fly a plane

#84 – Drive a car around a race track

I drive quite a lot because of my work, but (almost) never above the speed limit as I hate speeding tickets.. Plus, I like driving in a relaxed manner, accompanied by music, an audiobook or a podcast. However, I also have a thing for nice cars! I once had the opportunity to drive around in a Ferrari 360 Modena for a bit, but I still had to obey the speed limits and road regulations as we were driving on the public road.

As far as racing goes, I’ve never come closer than driving go-karts around a mini circuit. I would love to experience the thrill and sensation of speed driving a fast car around a race track one day. It doesn’t really matter what kind of car!

Driving a car around a race track

#63 – Make my own wine

I am not much of a drinker, but when I do drink, it mostly is a good glass of wine or cognac. Recently, I found out that it is very possible (and legal, as opposed to hard liquor) to produce your own wine at home. All you need is a starter kit, lots of fruit and patience. Sounds like a perfect project and possible hobby to me! I’ve been reading a bit about the possibilities and it seems you can homebrew wine not only from grapes, but from all kinds of fruit. Starter kits aren’t even that expensive around 60-70 euros, so it’s well worth a try. I’ve not even started, but I’m already very curious as to how the end result will taste. And if it’s not for home consumption, howe brewn wine sounds like a perfect gift for others (if it’s of decent quality, of course..)!

Home brewn banana wine

Home brewn banana wine

#56 – Build a classic car model using Lego

When I was young, I used to play with Lego an awful lot, especially during the winter days when the weather was too bad to go outside and play football. I was mainly keen on Lego Technic, and even though my collection probably wasn’t very big by most Lego collector standards, I always had a great time either constructing models according to the instructions or making up my own creations.

As you might have noticed from a couple of other items on my list, I love classic cars, but I’m pretty sure I’m not proficient enough to actually restore and maintain one on my own. Therefore I would love to build a classic car model using Lego, as that is something I am pretty sure I am capable of..

I’ve seen quite a few pretty examples on the net, ranging from town cars to sports models, and I’m not sure what it is going to be, but I think it’s the closest I’ll get to building my own classic car, and a nice trip down memory lane as well.

A Lego Duesenberg Phaeton

#51 – Learn how to change the oil of a car

Confession: I stink at doing maintenance work, DIY, etc. I consider myself to be fairly intelligent, but when it comes to doing some construction or repair work with my hands, failure is pretty much guaranteed. Pretty frustrating, especially considering my love for classic cars and the ambition to own one one day. As you all know, owning an oldtimer pretty much implies either being able to fix it yourself or facing huge bills for having someone else do it for you. As the second is not an option (I can think of more useful things to spend money on, let alone what my wife says) I will have to get at least some basic car repair / maintenance skills. Being able to change the oil would be a decent start.

Learn how to change the oil of a car