Looking back on 2015

As the year nears its end, it’s again time for the annual end-of-year review based on my plans as presented in this post. Let’s see how I did!

Cycle to my parents’ house (#6)
Yeah.. Let’s get the most disappointing part of 2015 out of the way.. Fitness-wise, it wasn’t nearly as good a year as I hoped it would be. I did a bit of running, a bit of cycling and I also started a new sport (more on that later), but no big goals either running- or cycling-related have been met. I hope 2016 will be much better, although it won’t be easy for reasons I’ll explain when I look forward to next year.

Visit Italy (#78)
Done! We made a trip to Tuscany in June, so the first of twenty provinces of Italy has been visited. Only 19 more to go!

Visit another continent (#43)
As I predicted, this would probably be the hardest item to complete, and indeed I didn’t manage to go outside Europe. No worries though, I’m sure this will happen in a couple of years. It’s not on the list for next year, though.

Be regarded as an expert in my field (#57)
Done! Albeit in a different way than expected. I have been asked to give a course on software testing at a university here in the Netherlands, and as we speak most of the lectures have been delivered. I also published an article on a renowned international website related to the software testing field, which also generated some interesting feedback and reactions.

Run another half marathon (#33)
See the first point. I don’t think I’ve done any run longer than 10k this year, so no way I would have been able to complete a half marathon (and be even remotely happy with the outcome).

Stay active throughout the year
This item I somewhat managed to complete. I did some running, some cycling and I started pilates lessons, but I can’t say I’m terribly happy with my current fitness level. Let’s see what next year will bring…

Put another 10k payment towards our mortgage (#73)
We aced this. Starting freelancing has done wonders for our financial situation, so instead of paying off 10k, we managed to lower our mortgage by no less than 30k. This will surely come in handy if we decide to move house next year, which is a realistic option.

Pass the PLIDA B1 exam in Italian (#3)
I decided to quit studying Italian for a while, since I don’t feel I got the most out of it by only following a single 1,5 hour class a week, and I didn’t know how to motivate myself to do more studying. I’ll probably pick it up again in the future as I still love the language.

Add another five items to the list
Done as well! Even better, I added 12. This brought the list to exactly 100 items and I decided that was enough for the moment. So from then on I’m focusing on completing items rather than adding new ones, as that’s what having a bucket list is all about!

Other completed items
Apart from the items mentioned above, I managed to complete a couple more this year:

Bucket list-wise, the year has been so-so.. I completed a couple of items, but not as many as I’d hoped, probably because work and family life have taken up most of my time and energy. I can’t wait to see if next year will be better, but more on that in my next post, where I’ll look forward to 2016!

2015 review


5 thoughts on “Looking back on 2015

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  2. #43 why having to visit an other continent when there is so much to see in the own continent? Is it the ecological footprint worth now we are able to see so much from other continents on television? I do know it would be most wonderful to go there and experience it yourself. But when finances do not allow it to make big journeys why should we let us get frustrated by our limitations of travelling?

    You already managed to leave your country to see a lovely sunny place and to enjoy the glory of beautiful Italy … what can a person want more ….?

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