Pilates novice

For the last four or five weeks (I’m ashamed to admit I already lost count) I have been attending weekly pilates classes in an effort to do something about my chronically short muscles. Especially my hamstrings and calf muscles sometimes feel they should be twice as long…

Although I haven’t noticed any permanent results so far, I really like following the classes. It’s only an hour per week – at least for now – but it finally makes me feel I’m doing something new and active with my life again. This is a feeling I have missed out on for way too long.

I’m definitely sticking with it for a while, if only just to see what the longer term effect on my body stability and flexibility will be. Classes are reasonably priced, so that’s no reason not to go, plus it gets me out of the house. Which is always a good thing.

I’m also already starting to think about trying out yoga as well. Especially the somewhat more active yoga varieties are starting to appeal to me more and more. Who knows..

But in the meantime, that means another list item completed!

A pilates exercise


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