#100 – Visit all countries in Europe

Note: this is very likely to be the final item to be added to my bucket list. Over the last 3,5 years, I have compiled what I think is a great, varied and above all challenging list and I am planning to work hard on completing all of the items on it. Let’s go!

Inspired by rereading Chris Guillebeau’s The Art of Non-Conformity, I decided to make the one hundredth item on my bucket list a big one as well. Chris is known for having visited all countries in the world, and since I do love to travel I think it would be great to attempt something similar. However, I do not feel the urge to visit remote countries such as Sierra Leone or Bangladesh, so visiting all countries in the world would not make sense to me. However, visiting all countries within my continent of residence would! So, starting today, I will make an attempt to visit all 50 countries in Europe. I have visited quite a few of them in the past, but, as with all items on my list, I’ll start afresh from here with exactly one country visited (the Netherlands, where I live). This is going to be great! You can find the list where I keep track of my progress here.

Some countries will be harder to visit than others, especially some in the former Soviet Union, but hey, everybody needs a challenge right?

Map of all countries in Europe


2 thoughts on “#100 – Visit all countries in Europe

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