Another step towards owning our house

Just a quick update: as of today ‘our’ house is a little more in our possession, rather than the bank’s! At the start of the year I pledged to put at least another 10k towards paying off our mortgage. As business – or rather my fulltime freelancing – has been going rather well so far, we decided to go ahead and make another payment already, and even better: we put in 15k instead of the 10k we were going for. This will again significantly decrease the monthly interest payment, so we can save even more now. Snowball effect!

I am even looking at putting in another payment before the end of the year, but we probably won’t decide whether or not to do that until November or December. If business keeps going well for us it is definitely doable. But I’m already pretty happy with this step forward!

Another step in the right direction!


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