Italy, here we come!

One of the goals I have set myself was to visit Italy at least once. First of all because I love the country, its language and its food and wine, but also because I want to get my mission to visit all of the regions of Italy at least once going.

We normally go on holiday at least twice a year, and it looks like this year will not be an exception as we booked a week off in lovely Tuscany in June. We’ll be staying in the town of Montaione, about an hour from Pisa.

It will also be the first time that we take our son with us on the plane. I’m very curious to see how that goes. Luckily it’s only a short flight (less than two hours), so he’ll probably be fine.

I can’t wait to be there already! Good food, great wine, a chance to put into practice my language skills and of course a break from the daily routine and the chance to spend some valuable time together..

The town of Montaione


4 thoughts on “Italy, here we come!

  1. You will love it. You have chosen a lovely area. I find that basing yourself in an area like there is the best way to really see and experience the locals

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