Looking forward to 2015

After having looked back on the year that’s almost behind us, it’s time for me to look forward to 2015 and select the achievements I’m planning to accomplish in the year to come.

Cycle to my parents’ house (#6)
After a year of running only (if at all), it’s time to broaden my workout regime again. I hope this will give me the motivation to pursue a more active life in the new year, as I’m not really happy about 2014 in terms of fitness. One goal I would like to achieve is to be able to ride the 100k from where I live now to the house I grew up in and where my parents still live.

Visit Italy (#78)
Every journey starts with a single step, and I’d like to take the first step towards visiting all regions of Italy by going there next year. We’re already talking about taking a spring holiday, and why not to Italy, where’s the food’s great and the weather’s nice in April/May? It will also be a great opportunity to put into practice my Italian skills.

Visit another continent (#43)
This will probably be the hardest one to achieve, as we’re not planning on venturing outside of Europe for the summer holidays. If I want to visit another continent, it will probably have to be on a work-related trip, and that means getting invited to either work on a short project or speaking at an overseas conference. As you know, that doesn’t happen to everybody, so I’ll have to put in the work to deserve an invitation like that. They have come along in the past (but were cancelled), so it’s definitely possible, but I can’t just wait for it to come along, I’ll have to pursue it actively.

Be regarded as an expert in my field (#57)
See the previous point. Getting invited to work on an overseas project, or to speak at an international conference would be proof of being regarded as an expert to me. Other possibilities to complete this item would include getting an article published in an international software testing magazine.

Run another half marathon (#33)
As I mentioned already, 2014 wasn’t the best year in terms of fitness, but I am planning on picking up the pace again in 2015. Besides getting back on the bike, I’d like to start training for another half marathon. I’m looking at a couple at the end of 2015 already, and I’ll be working hard to be fit enough to complete at least one of them in good shape.

Stay active throughout the year
This is more of a general plan than action towards a single bucket list item. For the past couple of years, I’ve always had at least one period, lasting weeks or even months, where I just stopped working out altogether. Reasons were many, including not feeling well, being too busy at work and, most importantly, generally being lazy. I’m planning to change that this year and keep on running or cycling throughout the year, as I know I need to to stay fit both physically and mentally.

Put another 10k payment towards our mortgage (#73)
Starting out as a freelancer means that, if I manage to land enough projects, I should be able to put aside more money compared to working for a boss. Landing a new project, lasting at least three months and starting the day after my old one has finished gives me the confidence that I’ll be able to do so. I’d like to put at least 10k of the extra money towards our mortgage to lower our monthly expenses and to be able to move in a couple of years.

Pass the PLIDA B1 exam in Italian (#3)
Another year, another exam that I want to take in Italian. Compared to the two exams I already passed, this one will require more work and more studying, as the material getting covered becomes more and more complex. I’m still attending classes every week, so that will definitely keep me motivated, but I’ll have to increase the amount of time spent studying at home as well if I want to stand a chance passing the next level.

Add another five items to the list
As I plan to do every year, I want to add at least five more items to my list in 2015 to keep things fresh and moving.

All in all, it’s hopefully going to be a full and rewarding year. I’m definitely looking forward to it already!

Have a great Christmas and all the best for 2015.



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