Gone freelance!

Today was my first official working day as a freelance IT consultant!

After 8+ years of working for a boss, I’ve taken the plunge and started freelancing. No more personal development plans, awkward end-of-year evaluations and begging for a minimal raise in salary. Instead of that: freedom to choose my own projects, unlimited days off (in theory, at least..) and, certainly not trivially, a significant increase in income if all goes well. Luckily, the demand in my field is still pretty high, so I’m pretty sure I’ll do fine as long as I keep working on my skills and keep showing them to the world.

I’ve also been very lucky to be allowed to continue the last project I was working on at my former employer as a freelancer. This allows me to settle in nicely and to keep the cash flow going while I’m getting used to my new working life.

It’s funny, because today wasn’t very different from the previous ones (same project, as I said), but somewhere within me there’s a feeling of true liberation. I hope it stays for good!

Started freelancing!


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