My ultimate mix compilation

Over the past months, I’ve been slowly but steadily creating what I can now call my ultimate mix compilation. As I said before, these days I mostly listen to classical music (with some pop and rock music thrown in for a change of pace), but in my teens and twenties I’ve been listening to dance music a lot. As a hommage to this period, I carefully selected ten records and created a mix CD out of them. Now, if I ever want to take a trip down memory lane, all I need to do is give this mix a listen!

This is the track list for the mix, including a bit of motivation for every track I’ve used:

1. Pole Folder & CP – Dust
This progressive breaks track is the opener on one of my favourite mix albums of all time, John Digweed’s MMII. It’s a great track to set the mood and start things off slowly.

2. Minilogue – The leopard (Extrawelt remix)
Representing the period where I listened to tech-house, as influenced by the guys from the Border Community label, is this awesome remix from the Extrawelt guys.

3. JASEfos feat. Claire Sky – Do what you want (Max Graham Afterhours in Montreal remix)
A different remix of this track is included on my favourite mix album of all time, James Holden’s Balance 005. I’ve selected one of the Max Graham remixes instead as it fits the mix better. The great vocals that provide a high point of the track are very present in this mix as well.

4. Sander Kleinenberg – My lexicon (Eelke Kleijn Space remix)
Perhaps the best track from fellow Dutchman Sander Kleinenberg. The original version is featured on Sasha’s brilliant Global Underground 013 double album, but again, this remix from (yet another fellow Dutchie) Eelke Kleijn fits the mood I’ve tried to set better. It doesn’t feature the main melody as prominently as the original, but when it does kick in, it’s great.

5. Ocean Wave – Clearwater (Chloe Harris remix)
During the heyday of my progressive house period I listened to Proton Radio a lot. It featured some awesomely deep progressive house mixes, and one of my favourite DJ’s from that time was Chloe Harris. Turns out she’s produced and remixed quite a few tracks as well, so my mix wouldn’t be complete without at least one track to remind me of my Proton Radio listening days. The fact that this is a brilliantly deep progressive house track isn’t too bad either!

6. Yum Yum – Heavy fluid (Main Element remix)
Moving up a gear, this track shifts more towards the progressive trance side of things. Another style that I’ve listened to a lot.

7. Sasha – Wavy gravy (Napalm & D-Phrag remix)
When Airdrawndagger came out in 2002, it was already one of those genre-crossing gems that come around once in a while. Twelve years later, it hasn’t lost any of its impact. Most of the original tracks on it didn’t really fit my mix, so I opted for a great remix of what I think is the best track from ADD.

8. Nathan Fake – Outhouse (main mix)
Another belter from Holden’s Balance 005. I could listen to this bassline for days. Especially when I’m driving. Maybe the best track of them all.

9. Infusion – Legacy (Junkie XL remix)
To spice things up a little, I’ve included another progressive breaks track, although a far louder (for lack of a better description) one than the opening track. A great remix effort from Junkie XL.

10. John Digweed & Nick Muir feat. Guy J – Heaven scent
I really, really, really wanted to close my mix with Heaven Scent, as for me, it’s one of the tracks that defined the period and therefore a personal favourite. However, again, the iconic original version didn’t fit the rest of the mix, so I spent a lot of time finding a remix that did fit. And then I found this one, released in 2013, 14 years after the original. It uses the main melody very subtly, but it makes for a great mix closer nonetheless.

And without further ado, here’s the mix. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it. And if not, that’s fine too.. After all, it’s MY ultimate mix CD 🙂


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