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It’s been a while now since I’ve been able to post any significant progress towards an item on my bucket list. And I don’t like it. However, sometimes life does get in the way..

Between work, sleep and spending time with my wife and son, there has been little time for other things. And then there’s the story about my job. I officially resigned this week and took on a new challenge. From November 1st, I’ll be working as a freelancer in the field I’ve been working in for the past 8+ years (IT). I’ve been accepted as a member of a partnership of freelancers, each of whom has their own registration with the Chamber of Commerce, but all are acting as a team to help each other in sharing knowledge and the acquisition of assignments. It also offers a bit of extra security in the financial department compared to true standalone freelancing, something that goes over especially well with my wife (and with me as well, to be honest).

I can’t wait to start this next step in my career. I’m curious to see whether this way of working suits me, but as I’ve been thinking about going the freelance route for a while now, I just couldn’t pass up on the opportunity. It also means another item can be checked off the list as soon as I get my Chamber of Commerce registration in.

Leaving my previous job has been (and will be) hard, as I have learned a lot in the past five years and owe a lot of it to my soon to be former employer, but it’s time to move on..

Starting as a freelancer soon!


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