Paying off our mortgage – the first step

Inspired by blogs such as, we’ve been handling our money pretty consciously in the past couple of years. This has led to me being able to pay off all of my student debt way faster than I imagined, and today we have taken the next step towards a financially sound and secure future by making what is hopefully the first of many speedy extra payments towards our mortgage.

Even though we are not particularly high earners (I’m not saying we don’t make enough, but we’re no rock stars either), through making solid and well-thought decisions we have been able to save up for the first € 10.000 payment in just over half a year. I’m even more proud of this because we still managed to pay for a holiday and some new furniture in those six months as well, and I’m not even mentioning the extra costs that a baby boy brings to the table..

Hopefully, we can keep up this tempo and pay off our mortgage, or at least enable us to move house in the next couple of years, as we would love to do so but unfortunately can’t at the moment. Yet. Paying off our mortgage is already a highly addictive game, especially when you see that the monthly payment for the next 20+ years steadily decreases with every extra payment.. I’ll play that game!

First mortgage payment done!


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