Improvement, a few seconds at a time

A couple of weeks ago I posted ‘running a 5:59 mile’ as an item on my bucket list, and I promptly started training to achieve this. This means no more long distance easy runs for a while, but tempo runs and especially lots and lots of intervals instead. Two weeks ago I did my first timed mile, to see where I was fitness- and speedwise at that moment, leading to a 6:42 mile.

I planned to do a timed mile like this every two weeks to gauge improvement in my speed and fitness, and today it was time for the second try. I’ve been doing 200, 400 and 800 meter interval sessions in the last couple of weeks and I was curious to see whether it did any good for my mile time even though I’ve only been doing specific training for two or three weeks.

The weather was great this evening, sunny and around 15-16C with a bit of wind to keep things cool enough. After a decent warmup I started out pretty conservatively again, as I didn’t want to blow up half way (or even earlier..). This time, I was able to keep up a decent running form throughout the mile, something that had been a bit of a problem in the first attempt two weeks ago. Overall, running the mile felt easier as well, something that I’m very happy with considering the limited amount of time I’ve been working at this item..

In the end I managed a 6:35 mile, 7 seconds faster than my first attempt. If I keep improving at this pace, I’ll hopefully achieve a 5:59 mile somewhere in the fall. Thus, that will be my target to work towards in the weeks to come..

Running a mile


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