#82 – Go on a kayaking trip

The very first time my wife and I went on holiday together we went to Sweden as part of a larger group of mostly young and sporty people. We did a lot of activities such as mountainbiking, hiking and baking pancakes in the wild using moose meat (which is surprisingly salty by the way!). One of the best activities was our kayaking afternoon. It was disguised as a beaver safari, and although we didn’t see any of the animals, we had a great time. Kayaking is such a wonderful way of traveling, being so close to the water and away from traffic. Very tranquil and something I would love to do again one day.

As there are trips available where a kayak is the main means of transport for a couple of days (some even go up to two weeks or more), I’d love to do that one day. Not sure whether my wife wants to join me, but maybe when my son is older he will want to go kayaking in Scandinavia (or somewhere else) with me. And who knows what opportunities might arise in the meantime..

Go on a kayaking trip


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