#81 – Run a 5:59 mile

Even though I have banned time-based running achievements from my bucket list – both the sub 1:30 half marathon and the sub 20 minute 5k have been removed – I feel that I should achieve at least one similar goal before I start focusing on trail and distance running full time, something that I am planning to do in the next couple of years after my half marathon challenge is over (and when I have more time and energy for running).

Therefore I came up with a new one that should be a pretty hefty challenge, but not one that I would never achieve. I’d like to run a sub 6 minute mile, or in other terms, I’d like to be able to run 16.09 kilometers per hour for 6 minutes straight. At the moment I’m not nearly fit enough to do this, but I think it will give me something to work towards in the months (and possibly years) to come and thereby motivate me to get out running more, even if only for a short speedwork session, something I’m just not doing at the moment.

I halfheartedly tried this challenge some years ago and didn’t come any closer than (I think) a 6:27 mile, so I’m well aware of the work that this is going to take to achieve. It all sounds so simple when you write it down..

The 6 minute mile, will it be doable for me?

The 6 minute mile, will it be achievable for me?


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