Back to school (for an evening)

Yesterday evening I took the PLIDA A2 level exam in Italian, and just as with the A1 exam, it was like high school all over again. The exam consists of four different parts: writing, listening, reading and speaking. The last part, speaking, is definitely the most difficult, as anybody learning a foreign language can tell you.

The exam took place inside an actual high school building, which definitely added to the atmosphere.. Luckily it was only for an evening, because even though I love learning new things and I firmly believe in the value of life-long learning, I am done with commitments to classrooms for extended periods of time!

The exam itself went pretty well as far as I can judge, and even during the speaking part I felt like I could have a pretty decent conversation in Italian with the examiner. The test results are determined in Italy (Italian bureaucracy at its finest!), so it can take up to three months before I hear whether I passed the exam. Let the waiting begin!

A classroom during an exam, just as I experienced it this week


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