More public speaking experience

After my first bit of public speaking experience that I acquired over a year ago, last Wednesday I finally had the opportunity to hone my presentation skills some more. Last year (and the beginning of this year) I have been working on a very interesting project at a client of ours, within the realm of service virtualization (look here for a bit of explanation on the topic). I myself have been responsible for the second part of this project, while two colleagues from other companies worked on the first part of the project.

The three of us submitted a proposal for a presentation on an event organised by the Dutch association for software testers, and it was accepted. This meant we were given the opportunity to present our work to a crowd of our fellow software testers, as well as to write an article for the digital magazine the association publishes a couple of times per year.

I was assigned the second half of the presentation, and I have to say it went rather well. It surely helped that I could talk about a project I know a lot about, and about the application of a concept I’m very enthusiastic about. Still, I don’t get to talk in front of a crowd of strangers a lot, so I was pretty relieved that everything went according to plan. I even got some pretty positive feedback afterwards, from acquaintances and strangers alike, which is always nice of course.

Hopefully I won’t have to wait another year before I get an opportunity to showcase my experiences or craftsmanship to the world, either through a presentation or an article. Off to work on more interesting things to share with the world!

Public speaking


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