#79 – Do a wine tasting course

In recent years I have become more and more of a wine lover. I’m especially keen on white wines from Italy, but very occasionally I like to drink a nice glass of red wine as well. To increase my general knowledge on wine I’d like to attend a wine course someday, as I’d like to learn to taste wine properly and to be able to better express what I like and don’t like about certain wines. It would also help me on deciding which wine to buy and taste next whenever I’m at the local wine shop, and to better match wine with food (which I do quite haphazardly now).

Ideally, I’d like a course specifically targeted to white wines as they are my favorite, but I’m not sure whether they offer those. If not, a general wine course would be great as well as I’m sure there’s a lot to learn from them anyway.

Wine tasting course


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