#76 – Go to an NBA basketball game

Even though the only sports I have practiced more than just a few times are football, running and cycling, I have been fascinated by NBA basketball since I was 12 and saw the original Dream Team pick up Olympic gold in Barcelona. Granted, I’m not enough of a fan to buy a subscription to a TV channel that actually broadcasts these games, and even if those games were broadcasted live over here I’d probably not watch too many because they are usually played when it’s the middle of the night in Holland, I’ll try and read the news stories and watch the game reports whenever I do get the chance.

It would be great to actually visit an NBA when I am in the US and get the chance to do so. I’m still silently blaming myself I didn’t do this when I was in Ohio some 7-8 years ago and grab the chance to see LeBron James in action when he still played for the Cavaliers. The next time I’m in the US I will definitely try and make up for this mistake. I don’t have a favorite team, so any match is OK by me.

All NBA teams for the 2013-2014 season

All NBA teams for the 2013-2014 season


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