#75 – Go see a film by myself

Nowadays, with limited time available and an even more limited offering of films I’d actually like to see, I don’t go to the cinema nearly as often as I used to. In fact, it’s been a couple of years since I’ve seen a film in a cinema. I think it was Les Miserables in February of 2012. I used to go together with my wife, but as we are both pretty busy and don’t always share a taste in films, nowadays we mostly watch films or TV series at home.

When I lived in Belgium for a couple of months (for a traineeship), I went to see films on my own quite a few times, as it provided me with a reason to get out of my rental apartment and do something entertaining. Even though it might not sound very attractive to a lot of people, I really enjoyed going alone for a couple of reasons:

  • You get to pick the film YOU would like to see
  • You have the opportunity to zone out and really get immersed in the film without discussing plots or details with the other people you’re with

I’d like to do this again at least once more, just to see whether I enjoy it just as much as I have done in the past. I’ll probably opt for an arthouse film rather than a blockbuster, just as I did back then.

Go see a film by myself


2 thoughts on “#75 – Go see a film by myself

  1. I love going to the Cinema on my own!! Not all the time – I’m not a total loner!! But sometimes it is nice to get away for a couple of hours and just lose yourself in a good film! Enjoy : )

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