A trip down Lego memory lane

As a kid, I was heavily into building all kinds of structures and vehicles using Lego, but after the age of twelve or so, I lost interest in it. Until recently. It turns out, Lego is still going strong, and the models they have been putting out have become ever more realistic and detailed. I found this out through some forums, and that somewhat rekindled my enthusiasm and made me want to to pick up building models again sometime. As I am somewhat of a classic car fan, I thought it would be a neat idea to create some sort of classic car model using Lego, and another bucket list item was born.

At first I thought I would build some sort of MOC (a custom model), but soon my eye fell on model 10220, the T1 Volkswagen camper van. As well as a classic car fan, I am a fan of camping and we have made some great trips through Canada with a camper in the past. So.. a classic car AND a camper van AND Lego.. This was the right one for me to build. After some debate and postponing I decided to bite the bullet and fork out the 90 euros for the model.

The original Volkswagen T1 camper

The original Volkswagen T1 camper

As soon as I had sorted the bricks very roughly (over 1300 in total) I started building and I immediately was hooked again. No wonder Lego isn’t just enjoyed by children, it’s amazing fun for grown-ups as well! After a couple of evenings and some weekend building, I was able to place the end result on a nice spot in our living room. It’s amazing how much detail Lego has put in this model. There’s kitchen appliances, the classic fold-out roof, opening doors, front windows and a trunk with an engine in it, a back seat that can be made into a bed and much, much more, all in a model around 30cm long. Wonderful.

The Lego model of the T1 camper

The Lego model of the T1 camper

I’m not sure whether I’ll acquire more models anytime soon, but I thoroughly enjoyed building this one and I am very happy I got back into Lego building, if only for a short while.


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