#74 – Go bungee jumping

A classic on many a bucket list, and as I have never gone bungee jumping before yet like the occasional thrillseeking activity, I too would like to jump off some kind of platform with only a bungee cord securing me from a hard landing.

I’d like to make it a bit special though by not just choosing any jump (like those from off a crane you see around beaches and fairs a lot), but rather something more.. interesting like jumping off the Bloukrans bridge in South Africa (216m) or off the Europabruecke in Austria (12m). I’m sure stepping off the platform on either of these, or similar, bungee sites would be an experience of a lifetime. Especially for someone with a mild case of vertigo like me..

Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa

Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa

Europabruecke in Austria

Europabruecke in Austria


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