Sometimes life gets in the way of you achieving your goals. The trick is to deal with it in the best way possible.

Yesterday I received the news that due to the current economical situation, which is affecting my employer even though we are still doing pretty well, I am not allowed to leave for my four weeks of volunteering this year. As you might understand, this comes as quite a bit of a disappointment to me. I have been looking forward to this experience, which will no doubt be one of the adventures of a lifetime, for years now. Luckily, it has not been cancelled, just postponed, at least for now. They have reassured me that it s probably going to happen next year, but as business this year has been very slow so far and they can’t see it picking up soon enough, they had to make a few unpopular decisions.

After I settled down a bit after the initial blow, I realized that even though I am very disappointed, it is probably for the better in the long run. Better to miss out on this for another year than having to lose some coworkers or even my own job due to financial bad weather. I am positive that next year, I will be able to go. I already selected a project to which I would like to dedicate my time and efforts, but they’ll have to wait for another year. Hopefully it still exists by then as it sounds wonderful (I’m not telling yet what it’s going to be, I might come across something even better before next year 😉 ).

On the positive side, it does mean that I won’t be away from our newborn for four weeks in June, of course, something I quite like, and so does my wife. It also means that I won’t miss out on any football World Cup games in June, which is nice as well. And I get to spend some extra time achieving some of my other list items. I might, for instance:

  • Dedicate some more time to starting a business, which I planned to do this year, but to which I haven’t gotten round so far
  • Start learning to play bridge
  • Start learning a trade, or
  • Learn some more about classic Italian cars

The possibilities are endless, and I’ll just have to make good use of the extra spare time I’ve been given by what initially still is a setback..

A positive way of looking at setbacks

A positive way of looking at setbacks


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