#69 – Visit an Ivy League campus

Even though my days as a student have been behind me for almost ten years now, I still reminisce sometimes about that period in my life. No real obligations apart from the hard work around exam periods, lots of fun and a life that was generally very nice. During the first couple of years of my college time I lived on the university campus, which added greatly to the feeling of belonging there (for lack of a better explanation using my limited writing skills).

As part of the introduction at the second grown-up job I had (at my previous employer) we were given the opportunity to stay on an American university campus (at Ohio University) for three weeks. That really brought back some great memories of my own years at university! The bars, the atmosphere, being around bright, intelligent young people all the time.. Also, watching some films and TV series situated on or around university campuses, ranging from silly — Old School, American Pie — to marginally more serious — Gilmore Girls — really make me want to visit an American university campus once again and experience that atmosphere once again. And while doing so, why not go for the best ones there are: one of the Ivy League campuses?

A building at the campus of Yale

A building at the campus of Yale


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