#68 – No alcohol for a year

I have always been a moderate drinker, with the exception of my college days, where I was a reasonably heavy drinker at times. Today, I value quality over quantity though and I thoroughly enjoy a good glass of wine, cognac, whisky or a nice beer. However, I’ve come to notice that even drinking only a single glass of alcohol has significant effects on my sleep (I sleep lighter and feel more tired in the morning) and how I feel during the day. I wonder what quitting drinking altogether would do for my sleep and my health in general. I am particularly curious to see whether it has any effect on my running in the coming year.

I recognize that this will be a pretty tough item to complete, since I like a good glass of wine very much, however, I will try to drink nothing at all from December 26th 2013 23:59 to December 24th 2014 23:59, with the exception of celebrational toasts (it would be impolite to turn those down!) and alcoholic gifts that expire before the end of my experiment and that I can’t give away without being rude.

I’ll comment on my progress and the results throughout next year.. I’m very curious to see whether I can hold on and what effects it will have on me!

No alcohol beyond this point

Let this serve as a warning to me…


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