#67 – Complete a long distance walk

I’ve just finished rereading Wild by Cheryl Strayed, which is a story about a young woman hiking a large part of the Pacific Crest Trail (or PCT) in the US. I’ve also read A walk in the woods by Bill Bryson (where he walks part of the Appalachian Trail or AT) at least three times. Every time I am reading one of these books, or similar ones, it makes me want to attempt something similar myself. It doesn’t have to be a trail that long, there are lots of shorter long distance trails I would love to spend some time on for a couple of days. It doesn’t really have to be that far away from home as well, just being outdoors for a while and walking a nice trail would do. This goal would be a ideal combination with #18 (go on a multi-day hike), or serve as ‘the next step’ once I completed that one.

Trail signs

Trail signs


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