Yep, I’m a runner

At the start of this year I thought I’d be happier if I tried to practice several sports more or less in parallel. I’ve been running for quite a few years now, but this year I spent a lot of time on the bike as well. Now that the weather has changed for the worse and biking is a much less attractive option, I’ve restarted a decent running routine again, and with pretty good results.

I have been able to consistently run three times a week, and as a result my fitness and the distances I’ve been able to cover have increased greatly in the past month or two. Even more so, I’ve rediscovered my love for distance running, which I somewhat lost in the spring. Back then I changed to a once a week running routine, with ever declining performances in the half marathons I’ve run in the first half of the year as a result. Needless to say I didn’t really enjoy seeing that, especially since I’ve performed way better only a couple of years ago.

Now that the bike season is over, I don’t really have any other option besides running more, and with some great results. My long run are back to around half marathon distance and I’ve set a limit of one speed work workout a week (both minimum and maximum), which seems to do me lots of good as well. Yesterday was a great example, a 15k run with a 10k tempo section done at around 12kmh. This amounts to a 1.45 half marathon, which is about the level I’d like to be at.

On a side note, I’ve also discovered the great podcasts at, and they are making me dream of even bigger races in the future.. But first I will get the half marathon challenge out of the way. I hope to be able to run another half around the end of the year, or the beginning of next year, and get the challenge done by the end of next year. Then it’s onwards to more trail running and longer distances, and maybe even working towards another attempt at the big M…

But for now, I’m happy to be back into full-blown running, and even more so, I’m happy to enjoy it the way I do at the moment.

Running at its best

Running at its best


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