#66 – Camp in the wilderness

Office dweller by day, aspiring outdoors guy, well, the rest of the time. That pretty much describes me. I still don’t get to be in the outdoors as often as I’d like to be (something that I should change, especially since I want to teach my children the fun of being outdoors and leading by example), but I’m working on it.

One of the things I have never done before is to go camping in the wild. I have gone camping many, many times, both when I was young, together with my parents, as well as more recently with my wife or with friends. However, that has always been within the confined limits of a registered campground. I’d love to one day just go out and set up camp somewhere nice, out in the open. Camping in the wild is prohibited here in The Netherlands, so I probably have to complete this item while abroad. I could also hit two birds with one stone and complete this item while on a multi-day hiking trip (item #18).

Camping in the wilderness

This spot would do!


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