Certified novice

Back in May, I took a trip down memory lane by doing my very first exam in the Italian language. It was high school all over again with a writing test, a reading comprehension test, a speaking test (by far the most difficult), and so on..

I’ve been attending Italian language classes for two years now, and this exam formed the culmination of those two years. The certificate you get when you pass the exam is officially recognized by the Italian government (for more info see http://www.plida.it), which is pretty cool and might even come in handy when you want to move to Italy or get a job there. Not that I have any plans doing so, but you never know..

However, the Italians, efficient as they are đŸ˜‰ require that the exams are revised in Italy, by the official language board responsible for awarding and distributing the aforementioned certificates. This means that all exams had to be sent to Italy, corrected, and the result to be sent back to Holland. For the speaking test, it means everything was recorded onto a cassette tape (I didn’t know they still made those) and sent to Italy together with all the paperwork, which was a lot as well, of course.

No surprise it took them 8 weeks to revise everything, but last week I finally got back the results, and I passed with flying colours. I somehow expected to pass, because I felt the exam went very well, but still, it’s nice to have the actual results confirming your gut feeling. That means I can now say I’m an official PLIDA A1-level Italian speaker. Only five more levels to go until I am at native speaking level… I don’t know whether I will ever reach that level, or whether I will have the motivation to get there, but for now I’m continuing classes next year and hope to be able to reach A2 level by next summer.

Some Italian words and phrases

Some Italian words and phrases


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