I am not really a food producer, I guess…

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted something over here.. I guess we’ve been busier than usual (both physically and mentally) with the preparations for our first baby. Also, work has been pretty busy, with a couple of new assignments that are really exciting yet take up a lot of time and energy. I won’t complain though, there are lots of people far worse off.

Still, I’ve managed to complete another item on my list!

I guess I haven’t mentioned one of the gifts I got for my birthday this May, a small box where you could plant seeds that would in time turn into herbs such as parsley and basil. It’s been sitting quietly on our kitchen counter for a while, steadily growing (some herbs better than others), and last week at least the parsley was ready for consumption. It was just a little bit (the box is around 20x30cm all in all), but still, we’ve grown it ourselves and used it in our of our recipes (a pasta), and that’s what counts!

My modest harvest of herbs

My modest harvest of herbs

Having said that, I don’t think I’ll continue this experiment further and try to set up a proper vegetable garden of my own. With our busy lives and my tendency to neglect plants, I don’t think much good will come from trying. Still, I’m happy to have done this item. As you can read in my page title, it’s all about the experience!

In other news, after a period of almost no running I’ve taken to the streets again, slowly but steadily. Most of my time working out has been spent on the bike though, and I’m seeing good progress. I think I even did my first century (100k) two weeks ago, but as my trusty Garmin Forerunner 305 was playing up I can’t confirm this. Will have to try again this weekend. I’ve done a couple of 85-90k rides recently as well, so I’m pretty confident I can go over 100k without too many problems. That will set me up for the completion of yet another item of my bucket list items, cycling to my parents’ house. I think I’ll do that after we return from our next trip, which is planned in August.

I promiss I’ll at least try and post more recently here, there’s lots of exciting items still waiting to be completed!


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