Cycling season has begun!

After what seemed like an endless winter, spring has finally seem to have come around here. That means that it’s time to get the bike out of the shed and start cycling again. After a thorough servicing (thanks Dad!) my trusty old racer is again ready for a lot of kilometers this year. My cycling goal for this year is to be able to ride from my own house to my parents’ house, which is a trip of around 90-100km (depending on the route taken).

Yesterday evening, I finally had the time and opportunity to go out for a short ride for the first time this year. I had been looking forward to it for weeks. With running having dominated my winter workout regime (as far as you can call it a regime), it was due time for a change of activity. And boy, did it feel good to be out on the bike again! Wind blowing through your hair, the ability to see much more of the area in the same amount of time, it felt good.

I ended up being out there for just over an hour (gotta build up slowly!) and covering just under 30k. With a four day weekend coming up, I’m sure I’ll manage at least one other trip. I’m looking at a slightly longer one, in the 40-50k range. I just have to remember to not go out too fast, and then I’m sure I’ll be able to cover the distance without too much of a problem. If all goes well, I should be able to double it before the end of the year and achieve my first cycling goal..



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