Half marathon 5 of 12: time for a change

Yesterday I ran my fifth in the series of twelve half marathons, this time in the province of Noord-Holland. In short: I managed to finish, but it wasn’t very pretty, neither was it all too enjoyable. Partly because it was around 20 degrees, at least 10 warmer than during any of my runs for months, partly because I seem to be not really fit enough for running half marathons properly.

Realizing that, I’ll take a short break from running half marathons (probably for a couple of months) in order to regain some fitness and get used to running in warmer weather. Running these half marathons is not just about accomplishment, but about enjoying running as well, and joy was lacking severely yesterday. I started out a bit too quickly and suffered from about 5k onwards. Thought about giving up several times as well, but I managed to keep going. I guess that’s the positive I can take from this race, my determination and grit isn’t as bad as I sometimes think it is.

The course itself was rather uneventful as well, apart from a nice stretch directly along the sea shore, which was fine. Finishing time was 1:58:45, my worst so far, although I’m happy to have finished in under two hours considering the state I was in. Time for a change in my training regime.



3 thoughts on “Half marathon 5 of 12: time for a change

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  2. Good luck with the training. Keep up the good progress. Inspired by your bucket list. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

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