Way ahead of schedule!

Just a quick update as I am seriously somewhat proud of this. I’ve been able to save up quite a bit of money the past few months, even though we also had a major renovation to our house done, and I’ve used that money to pay off another big 5000 euro chunk of my student loan, which means that I am over 2/3 of paying off the whole sum. I never knew that spending money could feel that good!

As I’ve said in the previous post on this, not having outstanding student debt will majorly increase our possibilities for a mortgage refinance in case we want to move to another house, something that we are planning for the near future (a couple of years from now). Also, since interest to be paid on the student loan is higher than the interest received on my savings accounts, I’m effectively losing money by not paying back.

I am now pretty confident that I can pay off all of the debt before the end of this year, something I didn’t think to be possible only a couple of months ago. This means that at least one of the goals for the whole of 2013 has already been met. Again, it feels good!

Two thirds down, one to go


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