#64 – Compile my ultimate mix CD

Even though I am mostly listening to either blues, country and rock or classical music nowadays, I used to listen to a lot of dance music and I’ve attended lots of great parties. I also owned a pair of turntables for a couple of years and had quite a nice selection of records to play around with. I’ve sold it all, though, as I lost interest in playing and in keeping up (and in fact, listening to) dance music.

Still, from time to time, I do listen to some of my favourite mixes and tracks from back then, and this brought me to the idea of compiling and (digitally) mixing one final mix CD containing only the very best tracks, the ones that really bring back the memories, so to say. I’ve selected a couple of these tracks already, but it will take some time to finalize and mix this compilation. However, when it is finished, it should be something resembling the ultimate memory of my dance music past, something bringing back the feeling of ‘the good old days’.. I am really looking forward to the process!

Ah, those good old days..


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