#63 – Make my own wine

I am not much of a drinker, but when I do drink, it mostly is a good glass of wine or cognac. Recently, I found out that it is very possible (and legal, as opposed to hard liquor) to produce your own wine at home. All you need is a starter kit, lots of fruit and patience. Sounds like a perfect project and possible hobby to me! I’ve been reading a bit about the possibilities and it seems you can homebrew wine not only from grapes, but from all kinds of fruit. Starter kits aren’t even that expensive around 60-70 euros, so it’s well worth a try. I’ve not even started, but I’m already very curious as to how the end result will taste. And if it’s not for home consumption, howe brewn wine sounds like a perfect gift for others (if it’s of decent quality, of course..)!

Home brewn banana wine

Home brewn banana wine


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