A bit of public speaking experience

A few months ago I was invited to give a presentation on a bit of work I myself and the company I work for have been carrying out for our clients. We have a partnership with a US-based international provider of software for automated testing and service virtualization. Yesterday, they held their annual Dutch client gathering and they invited me to do a short presentation on something I’ve been working on.

Now, although I can safely say I’m fairly good at what I do, I am not the most proficient public speaker. I do teach a couple of classes every now and then, but that’s almost always for a small group of around 6-10 people. Here, there were around 80. Still, it’s not something I do often. I think the last time I spoke to a crowd this large was at my graduation from university. So, even though I was prepared well and knew the topic inside out, I was still a bit nervous yet also excited. It’s not often that I am given the chance to speak in public.

The presentation (combined with a short demo of our work) went very well, after all, and I got a couple of very positive reactions afterwards, both from a couple of colleagues who were at the event as well as from near strangers, so I must have done something right! Afterwards, I felt relieved and, and I do not say this all too often, pretty proud of myself. Not just because the presentation itself went well, but also because I was asked to give it in the first place.

Even more so, I’m looking forward to getting another chance at public speaking, because once the presentation started, the bit of nerves I had were gone completely and I actually enjoyed being on ‘stage’ and talking to a crowd. Nothing’s planned for the moment, but who knows what opportunities come around in the future! I’m sure there will be more to come as long as I perform well on the job and keep on improving and learning.

Speaking in public


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