Half marathon 3 of 12: hard work

Today I ran my third half marathon in my 12 in 12 series, and probably the one closest to home, as this one was run in Utrecht, the province I live in. I’ve run this half marathon twice before, so I know what to expect: 21km of running through the woods, with a couple of gentle undulations and one bigger hill. Weather was perfect (somewhere around 5 degrees, dry and virtually no wind), my preparation far from it. I’ve had a couple of busy weeks at work, I hadn’t run at all in two weeks and have not been sleeping well at all. I even thought about not running this at all, but since I was awake early (again) this morning I thought I’d just go and see where I end up.

The first 10k went by rather easily. I knew I wasn’t running very fast, but then again, that’s not why I run in the first place, and I was enjoying running through the woods. The second part was much tougher, as that was when the lack of sleep and proper preparation started to take its toll. Running smoothly became much, much tougher and I even had to stop for a couple of (very short) walking breaks, something that hasn’t happened to me in a half in a looong time. But in the end, I managed to finish upright and alive, albeit pretty knackered. Luckily, the organization supplied drinks, soup and apples at the finish line, so I recovered pretty quickly.

Organization on the whole was perfect, lots of enthusiastic volunteers, a great course and a race I will probably run again somewhere in the future. My finishing time was 1:57:24, probably the slowest half marathon race I’ve ever run, but given the way I was feeling, I wasn’t surprised at all with such a time. The next race is planned in two weeks time, hopefully I’ll have a chance to rest properly until then and perform a bit better (or at least feel a bit better doing so!).

Shot from last year's race


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