A quick update

2013 is already a couple of weeks underway and I’ve been working on my list items diligently. Running is going exceptionally well at the moment, even though I’m only running once a week I’m having loads of fun having returned to the trails. I’m slowly but steadily increasing my mileage on these long runs, with 30k on the trails as the long term goal in mind.

Last Sunday I ran a somewhat hilly route of just under 21k, most of it unpaved, in the most glorious running weather I can imagine: a crispy cold and sunny day. Truly wonderful. I’m planning to keep to this ‘schedule’ of running just once a week for a while, it seems to go rather well at the moment. My body’s getting lots of rest in between runs, and my mind is really looking forward to the next long run every week. This coming weekend I’m going to run the second of my 12 half marathons, hopefully the snow stays away long enough for the race to go on and for me to get there and back safely.

I’ve also been watching a couple of films written by Richard Russo the last couple of days, being The Ice Harvest and Keeping Mum. Both have been very enjoyable to watch, it’s nice to see that the small-town life and quirky characters Russo so brilliantly describes in his books are there in the films he wrote as well. They’re certainly no blockbuster type of films, but for me they’re perfect entertainment for a slow and easy evening.



Hopefully the rest of 2013 will be as great as the first couple of weeks have been so far!


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