Return to the trails

Today I finally returned to trail running after what was far too long a break. I have been running through foresty areas a bit in the past couple of weeks already, but there was always a bit too much of paved roads to call it proper trail running. There’s a bit of a discussion going on about what constitutes as a trail run, but for me, a run with over 95% of unpaved roads and single tracks, through scenic areas, definitely can be called a trail run. And today was a run exactly like that.

I have run the course I’d set my eye on once in the past, and I remembered it to be quite scenic, with a nasty bit of rough sand at the end (precisely when you can do without). It’s labeled as a 16k loop, but I knew it was more like 18, which turned out be pretty accurate judging from my GPS. Initially, I wasn’t even sure whether I was going to get out there at all, as I’ve not been sleeping all too well lately and had a bit of a busy day the day before. However, I also know that when I get back, there’s no better feeling than the feeling of accomplishment, so I set out anyway.

I’ve included some pictures from the area, as rather than telling you all about it, I think this is a far better way of showing what landscape I ran through.

More heather

I wasn’t too knackered at the end, but I could tell my muscles, tendons and joints need to get used to trail running again after a longer period of mainly running on the road. This will be the focus for the next couple of months, together with the occasional half marathon. When I feel I’m better used to the trails, it’s time to up the distance and work towards my 30k trail run goal. But for now, I’m mostly incredibly happy just to have returned to the trails. Finally, I’d like to include a small video clip that’s been motivating me to go back to the trails, and inspired me to come up with my ‘go trail running in Canada’ list item. Enjoy!


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