Happy 2013!

Here’s to a great 2013 from me! May this year bring lots of great things to all of you, wonderful experiences, much happiness and good health.

As for me, I’ve been spending some time thinking about what I’d like to change in 2013. Call it my New Years resolutions if you will..

  • Less mindless internet surfing. I’ve wasted way too many hours browsing on the internet this year, achieving nothing. I don’t want to go completely without it, but I will make a conscious effort doing more productive things instead. Like taking a walk outside (which is proven to be a far better stimulus for the creative mind).
  • Spend more time outdoors. I had this on the list last year as well, but I haven’t spent as much time outdoors as I’d like. Some days were better than others, especially the two weeks of camping in France were awesome in this regard, but too often I chose to spend time inside where I could have gone out. I’ll try and achieve this by exercising a bit more (especially (trail) running and cycling) and by spending more time in my own back yard. We’ve bought a nice wood burner for the garden and a great sofa, so there’s no excuse not to spend many a relaxed hour there instead of in front of some screen.
  • Create a vision on my job. My career, which I deliberately choose to set apart from my bucket list apart from the odd item, is going pretty well, and now it’s time to think about what I really want to get out of it in the years to come and start crafting my own ideal job accordingly.
  • Find a new hobby. Part of the reason I spent too much mindless hours in front of the computer is that I don’t really have any hobbies. I’ve been thinking about what I wanted to do with the leftover hours I have, but so far haven’t come up with anything I really like. I guess I’ll just have to try out some things and see what sticks. It should be outdoors, not related to computers or anything, preferably doable at home as well as away and, well, fun! Suggestions are welcome..
  • Come up with ideas for a side business. Maybe this should go on the list of things on my bucket list I want to achieve in the coming year, as starting a business is one of the bigger items on it, but I need some ideas first, so at the very least I would like to come up with and research some viable ones in 2013.

Again, here’s to a great New Year! What are your plans?

Happy 2013!


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