My plans for 2013

In a previous post I briefly mentioned my plans for 2013. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been rethinking them a bit and have come up with a more elaborate list. I’ll use this post as a checklist at the end of next year, to see what I’ve managed to accomplish..

Run six half marathons. I’d like to get halfway through my goal of running a half marathon in each of the twelve provinces of my country. I’ll try and get a head start next week by running my first half marathon in what seems like years. Training has been going pretty well, and the only goal is to finish without being totally knackered, which should be very doable.
Pay off 1/3 of my student loans. As I’ve posted recently, I’ve built up around 15k of student debt in college, which I would like to repay as soon as possible. Interest on the loan is currently higher than the interest on my savings account, meaning I’m effectively losing money by not paying it back. Should be a nice motivator.
Volunteer abroad for a month, or make the plans to do so. One of the perks of my job is that I get to volunteer abroad for a month after having been with the company for four years, which I will be come October 1st. That means that I will probably start planning my month away in the second half of 2013. No idea where I will go as of yet, but I’ve been keeping an eye out and there are some great opportunities. I have a special thing for Canada, but I’ve been there a couple of times already (and probably will return there soon enough) and this might be a great chance to visit some place I wouldn’t go normally..
Cycle to my parents’ house. Simple and straightforward, I would like to make the 90 to 100k bike trip to my parents somewhere next spring or summer. This will require a bit of training, but combining it with half marathon running shouldn’t be too much of a problem.
Get my A1-level certification in Italian. I’ve been studying Italian for two years in May (once a week for 1.5 hours, not fulltime) and should be ready for the PLIDA A1-level exam. I am also looking at turning up the study tempo a notch as I’ve been noticing a lack of motivation with the current tempo.
Find and read the remaining Asterix comics. An item that’s almost complete, but not quite. It’s really just a matter of making a reservation for the three remaining comics with our local library, picking them up and reading them, but I’ve not managed to do that so far..
Add another bottle to my cognac collection. I’m looking at buying another bottle for my cognac collection and make it into a proper little collection. Ultimately, I also want to have a nice place to display them, something like a little cabinet. That would be another thing to do this coming year.
Add five new items to the list. A bucket list is an evolving thing, and I’m looking for at least five new items to add to it in 2013. Suggestions are highly welcomed!

Plans for 2013


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