Mission 1959: halfway down the schedule

Another quick update on my road towards running a sub 20 minute 5k. After todays (relatively easy) workout, I am now at the halfway point of the schedule. Time to take a look back as well as ahead. I’ve completed 17 workouts and missed 1, which was due to work getting in the way. Not too bad for someone that generally lacks discipline. Most of them have been interval workouts, which have been my arch nemesis in the past. They’re absolutely key workouts when you’re chasing time-related running goals, but I just, erm.., don’t like them. However, having a fixed schedule really has helped me so far in getting in those key workouts as well as easier runs. And with some success! I’ve managed to run the fast parts of my latest interval sessions at or above my target speed of 15 kmh (some quite comfortably, even). Sure, they have been short intervals, but it’s a nice confidence boost nonetheless, and something that I wasn’t capable of at the beginning of the schedule six weeks ago.

Next weekend there’s a 20 minute tempo run on the schedule, which I’ll use as a gauge for my progress so far. I’ll change it to a 5k tempo run and will make a proper attempt at beating 20 minutes. Even though I’m only halfway through the schedule, and in all honesty I don’t think I’ll be able to reach my target already, it will be a good test and hopefully either a confidence boost or a kick up the butt for the second part of the schedule. Even though it might not really be a major event or accomplishment in the larger scheme of things, I’m pretty sure I’ll be nervous all week working towards Saturday (or Sunday, maybe). I’ll keep you guys posted. Wish me luck!

Picture (again) completely unrelated, but there’s some running on it, and it’s from 1959, so it’s all good.

Mission 1959 is halfway!


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