Formulating my life purpose

Over the past week or so, I’ve taken half an hour of time regularly to brainstorm and craft my life purpose following the procedure described here. As I said, I am not really big on spirituality and philosophy, but I found the exercise to be a positive and inspiring one nonetheless. As you can see on my bucket list, a lot of the things I really want to do or achieve revolve around the outdoors, sports, and improving myself. After doing these exercise I can pretty safely say that the desire for freedom, challenge, well-being, new experiences and self-improvement behind those things really is the most important to me. Therefore, my life purpose should resemble these factors. Here it is:

“To live in emotional and financial freedom, to be able to live free of stress and to keep challenging and impressing myself. To live for the experience, not the possession, and to strive for total mental and physical well-being.”

Now it’s time to start living accordingly. There are a LOT of items on my bucket list that haven’t had enough attention so far. To be truly honest, maybe apart from Mission 1959, I have been focusing on the relatively easy items (the ones considering reading books, for example) a bit too much, thereby neglecting the ‘harder’ ones. And it’s these harder ones that will probably result in the most satisfaction and therefore me being the most impressed with myself. Just realizing this is the first positive outcome of this relatively simple exercise. Time to step up a notch!

Purpose of life (Eleanor Roosevelt quote)


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