#53 – Craft my life purpose

Most of the time, I’m a pretty down-to-earth guy, quite skeptical (or maybe selective is a better word) to most things dealing with spirituality and philosophy. I’m really interested in self-development, but only as long as it is practical and can be applied without too much thinking. However, while consuming my daily shot of web logs, I stumbled across an article on the Personal Excellence blog, on developing your own life purpose. It really quite touched base with me, as I’ve too often been feeling like I’m doing things just because someone expects me to do it, rather than because I want to or feel like it serves a purpose.

The article is short and clear, and describes a really simple technique for designing your own life purpose. I’ve already constructed a first draft and the process, while not making me cry (I guess I’m just not built that way), really gave me some good insights in what I think is important in life. I’ll keep revising and repeating it in the weeks to come, and that way construct a personal purpose statement that I feel great about.

Of course, crafting a personal purpose statement is only the beginning. The next and far more important step is to live accordingly, and to revise it periodically to see whether it still resonates.

Design your life


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