#52 – Complete a trail run over 30k long

Another running-related one. Even though my focus is on running short distances at the moment, my heart is in distance running and off-road (trail) running. As soon as I complete Mission 1959 I will switch back to distance running in order to work on the half marathon challenges I’ve set myself. Returning to distance running will also probably lead to more off-road and trail running. I can’t be bothered to take the car and drive to the forest for a run that won’t even take an hour, but I will gladly do so for my longer runs needed to run half marathons comfortably. As soon as I am able to run half marathons without too much effort again, something that I have been able to in the past, I will be gradually increasing the distance to the 30k mark. Mind you, this has been a big psychological and physical barrier for me in the past. I’ve tried training for a marathon once, but never got past 30k without troubles, so being able to run 30k on the trails (which would take a bit more effort compared to road running) will be a massive achievement from my part.

This one is inspired by a couple of great stories I read this week on people’s achievements in ultra distance trail runs (100k and above). Amazing. I can’t wait to hit the trails again, but only after the speed work and Mission 1959 has been dealt with..

Trail running in the Italian Dolomites


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