Mission 1959: a good step forward

Hey all, here’s a short update on my aim to run a 19.59 or better 5k. Today I went out for another trial run to gauge my progress so far. Conditions were relatively good, not too warm (around 20 degrees), although it was a bit humid. The first 3k went pretty well, started out on a decent pace trying not to run too fast. The last 2k were quite tough, but I managed to hold on and got round in 22.33. Not bad considering the heavy legs from the bike workout I did yesterday evening.

Had to stop for a little while after 3k to get the heart rate down a little, so technically my time still doesn’t count, but it’s a good step forward from the 23.42 I ran until now. I’ll probably won’t do another trial in the next month as we’re off on holiday in a week and a half, but things are looking good. Really looking forward to further picking up the speed work and improving even more from September onwards.


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