#50 – Get my weight down to less than 75kg

As you might have seen, there are quite a few sports-related items on my bucket list. Currently, I’m particularly focusing on running 5k in under 20 minutes. A few weeks of specific training have shown me one thing: I’m a bit heavy. I’m not really overweight, but running 15kmh for 20 minutes will probably not be realistic unless I lose some pounds. At my length of 1.78m, I think 75kgs is a good, yet achievable weight. I’m currently just under 82kgs, so there’s 7kgs to be lost. I’ve already made a few small changes to my diet, hopefully this will result in the first few pounds being gone soon enough. I’ll further adapt my diet and workout schedule according to the results.

I’ll only count this one as passed when I reach it in good health, I don’t want to starve myself, because I know it will negatively impact my workouts and therefore my success in reaching some of the other goals on my list.



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