A couple of milestones

Well, milestones may be a bit of an exaggeration for some of these points, but still, I’m pretty happy with some of the progress I’ve been making this week and I would like to share these with you:

  • I’ve hit the 1300 rating mark on RedHotPawn.com for the first time in almost three years (related to #17)
  • I’ve done a cycling workout of over 60k for the first time ever today (#6 and #44)
  • I’ve read exactly half of all existing Asterix comics as of today (#31)
  • I’ve done three running workouts in a week for the first time in months, and all of them included speed work (#45)
  • I’ve picked up a copy of one of the films written by Richard Russo (#15)
  • And.. I might get a chance to visit another continent very soon (#43)

No items completed, but then again a lot of the items on my list aren’t things you just do, they take considerable time and effort! It feels really good making this list of progress, they’re steps (albeit small in some cases) towards bigger goals. Onwards!


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