Garbage were awesome!

The title really says it all.. Yesterday evening I finally got to see Garbage live. And they didn’t disappoint!

My brother-in-law and I arrived at the concert venue in Amsterdam in time to get a couple of pre-concert beers and a chat. The venue started to fill up quickly, as the concert was fully sold out (Garbage has a decent fan base over here, and as I said before this was their first concert in years). After a pretty long buildup of anticipation the lights went off and the band appeared on stage. Time to rock!

I’ve listened to some of their live concert registrations countless times with great pleasure, and was therefore anxious to see whether they could still live up to that. After all, the band members aren’t getting any younger (Shirley Manson is by far the youngest at 45).. But my initial doubt disappeared immediately. Amazing to see the amount of energy Garbage still puts in their performances. They started with Automatic Systematic Habit, a track off their new album Not Your Kind Of People, as could be expected. However, luckily they didn’t just stick to playing their newer songs. Throughout the show, they played all of their hits from the past, mixed up with their latest recordings, balanced perfectly. Only Happy When It Rains, I Think I’m Paranoid, Stupid Girl, you name it, they played it, to great crowd reaction. Good to see most of the new songs getting a good response from the crowd as well.

After just under two hours and twenty-three songs, the concert ended on a high with Vow, a cracking song off their debut album. Concert over far too quickly, but an awesome experience and some more memories for a lifetime.

Oh, and they are playing in Amsterdam again in November. Who knows I’ll be there again!

Video below shows Garbage performing Only Happy When It Rains at this concert. Great alternative intro!


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